Welcome to the spanky time extension for Chrome, Firefox. We know how important it is to rub on off once and a while and more importantly privacy.

All About PORKY

Do you hate all those pesky ads and trackers tracking your activities when browsing online using Firefox or Chrome? Does it feel like someone is constantly watching you and knows you more than your partner knows you? Nah, you are not alone. It happens to all of us, and while many don’t care, some of us would like to just run away like a fugitive or, better yet, be invisible online – like a 007 agent!

So, what do we do about this breach of privacy? Well, block their invasion, of course! PORKY can do just that for you. No, we are not talking about the infamous PORKY movie where little boys got conned when they wanted to be secretive. We are talking about an authentic browser extension that can ensure all your data and browsing activities are hidden and cannot be accessed by any browser. And this PORKY does not aim to con anyone who comes trusting it.


Remember all those tech whiz kids better known as “nerds” whom people love to avoid and never be caught with, even if they are in the middle of the coolest party having the time of their lives? Well, we are a team of those kids who have found a way to help you have those cool parties online without anyone catching you, no matter what you do. Now that sounds cool, doesn’t it? Yes, well, we are the cool kids whom people never understood.

We used all that time we were avoided or not included in clubs to understand how the world behaves when they think no one is watching and what type of privacy they crave. We know what you want to get away from when you are online (and we know it’s not us, coz you need us!).

What We Can Do For You

Yes, your browser can go incognito and not store any of your browsing histories, but some of us have found a way around that too! So, here is what our team can do for you:

Block Ads

We at PORKY are not a big fan of those Ads that keep popping up at the most inconvenient places and, most importantly, the most unwanted times. So we block them and give you full privacy without any intervention.

Now imagine you are searching hard to find the lowest listing of a product you want to gift your partner, and an Ad pops us for the same - when your partner is using your computer!

No, don’t worry; we’ve got your back. We won’t let that happen to you! We will keep those guys off you.

Load Faster

When no trackers or Ads are popping up while you browse, the loading speed of your page is not compromised. We strive hard to keep all those trackers’ scents off you so that you can get your work done and make a quick exit.

Full Privacy

We go a step further and throw those trackers off your trail by making all your data anonymous. Let them bring out their best sniff dogs; they still can’t track your scent when using PORKY.

Auto Shut-Off

In short, we can help you do all your things online and make you disappear in just an hour like a secret agent. Anyone who has been trying to track you and has found a way around us to get close to you will lose you – Poof! Just like that!

Our tool shuts down your browser screen every hour. You can turn off this feature anytime you want to browse without being shut off. All you need to do is hit the “stop” button, but your browsing history and cookies will still not be saved.

Choose & Block

Not everyone is bad at all times!

You have the option to choose whom to block and also when to block. If you are not too particular about protecting your browsing activities, you can opt not to block them. If you have accepted some cookies on a website and choose to block later, our tool enables you to do even that.

List Of Trackers

When you install PORKY and use it actively, we provide you with a detailed list of all your trackers. This list will show you who has attempted to track you and actively track you on every website you visit.

Smart Block

We give you the option to smart block your trackers. Meaning, you can choose to block the slow trackers and may cause the site you are visiting to break. By using this feature, not only can your pages load faster, but you can also block just those trackers that affect your speed.

This feature can be used when you are not worried about being tracked but would like to get in, do your work and get out quickly rather than wait for the entire household to wake up and acknowledge your entry.

Customize Your Views

You can customize the way you want to see all those details we provide you with. You can choose to have it all displayed on one screen and confuse anyone who wants to take a peek or just see important information regularly and check in on the rest from time to time. We leave that entirely to your secret agent setup preferences.


With our entire world being accessible online, we have the convenience to check anything and everything with the touch of a button. You don’t have to waste much time pulling up details from different sources. The same applies to advertisers and other trackers. They can get all your information too. This helps them market their products and improve their business at the cost of your privacy and browsing peace.

We at PORKY strive to ensure a peaceful and fulfilling browsing experience when you use our tool with Chrome or Firefox. PORKY won’t affect or impact what you browse and where you choose to get your information from. It will only restrict all those unwanted intruders from entering your den and finding out details about you that can be a breach of privacy, if not damaging!